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Our next show planned is the ARBA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky this fall. As always, we maintain a very small herd and will have a limited number of animals available. The following is what we may have available: blacks (proven seniors, young seniors and show prime juniors) and blues (show prime juniors). This will be our first show in over as year and it will be a full circle moment as we will have juniors out of Pretty Girl (Best in Show winner featured in our last post) among our show team. Please see our stock availability page for more details. Pictured is one of the bucks from our show string last fall who has produced a beautiful litter of Convention juniors. We so often focus on the does, but a really excellent herd buck is a great joy to have as well!

Yesterday was our first real show back after a very long (multi-year) showing hiatus. Since 2017 we have shown exactly three times. In Show B at Wabash, Indiana we had Best in Show with Schoenegge's Pretty Girl - a black junior doe just a few days shy of being a senior that we bumped up to the senior class.

In Show A we had BOB with a black junior doe (Schoenegge's Hummingbird) and in both shows we had BOS with a black junior buck (Schoenegge's Gold Love).

We are having a lot of fun with our summer babies. Pictured here are Schoenegge's Pretty Girl, Schoenegge's Hummingbird and Schoenegge's Maren.

Pretty Girl can be seen in the first picture. She is about a month older than Maren and Hummingbird (littermates). You may notice in the pictures that their markings are not as crisp and clean -- especially in the chest. That is largely because they are transitioning out of their baby coats. The cleanliness of Tan markings is certainly genetic, but a coat that is unfinished will often look less crisp and more jagged than a slick coated, finished rabbit. For that reason, it is important to keep that in mind when evaluating your own herd.

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