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Stock Availability


Below is some basic information for those interested in available animals. Please read before contacting us:

  • Please us know your specific needs (age/sex/variety and qualities) and we will let you know if we have an animal(s) that we think may match your needs, or give you an estimate on when we may have animals available. We do not maintain a formal waitlist and all rabbits are sold first come, first serve.

  • Tans are challenging to photograph and it is important to us that you base your decision on a hands on evaluation. Please come see the animal in person instead of asking for and relying on pictures or video.

  • All rabbits have full pedigrees and with few exceptions are out of animals 100% produced by us (prefix has changed from "Flynn's" to "Schoenegge's" due to marriage). We rarely show locally and instead are focused on national level competition.


  • For reasons of safety and biosecurity, we maintain a closed rabbitry and meet all buyers in a neutral, public location in the Indianapolis, Indiana area (Greenwood) or at shows we are already attending as a judge or exhibitor. 

Anticipated Availability

We will have a very limited number of black seniors available before Convention this fall. All must be picked up locally (Greenwood, Indiana) as we do not have any shows planned. Most will be proven seniors, but it's possible we may have a few young show prime seniors. We will not have juniors before Convention.

2023 ARBA Convention

All of our juniors for the ARBA National Convention in October in Louisville, Kentucky have been born. We will NOT have lilacs or chocolates available. We will have both blacks and blues available in small numbers. We will not have a sales available until close to the show, likely sometime after the entry deadline. A few notes about Convention sales:

  • All rabbits sold will be entered in the show in our name. The price of the animal includes the entry fee. The animal will remain in our possession until Wednesday at checkout, at which time you become the owner. We will never cancel a sale before checkout because we have changed our mind about the animal - that is a horrible thing to do. But we reserve the right to cancel a sale and refund money anytime before checkout for any reason - e.g., we feel the rabbit is not eating or drinking well, is stressed, becomes injured, etc. The well being of the animal is always more important than making a sale, period. 

  • If you have an established relationship with us as a past buyer, we will reserve rabbits for you with a deposit. Feel free to contact us in advance and we will place your name on a list to receive our sales list in advance. Animals will still be available to be reserved on a first come, first serve basis among our past buyers.

    • Please do not ask for photographs, videos, or police sketches (joke stolen from Bryan Shirk).  If you are uncomfortable placing a deposit sight unseen, we understand. Instead, please come see and get your hands on the animal in person at the show. If you are local, we can also arrange to meet you in person in advance of the show before you place a deposit.

  • If you are new to us as a buyer, you may purchase rabbits at the show only anytime after we check-in with our entry on Saturday on a first come, first serve basis. No exceptions - it is important to us that everyone has an opportunity to put their hands on the animals, especially those who do not have an established relationship with us as buyers. 

  • If you are not attending Convention, you are responsible for securing your own transportation. Rabbits are not able to leave Convention until checkout on Wednesday. While we do not prefer people purchasing rabbits sight unseen, we understand that not everyone is able to attend in person. Please have someone you feel comfortable with evaluate the rabbit on your behalf before finalizing the purchase.

This was a lot of information, but we like to be upfront and transparent about our sales. We only sell rabbits with the hope that others are able to grow their herd - we otherwise do not care about sales. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Still interested in our animals? Click here to send us a message!

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