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Stock Availability


Below is some basic information for those interested in available animals. Please read before contacting us:

  • Please us know your specific needs (age/sex/variety and qualities) and we will let you know if we have an animal(s) that we think may match your needs, or give you an estimate on when we may have animals available. We do not maintain a formal waitlist and all rabbits are sold first come, first serve.

  • Tans are challenging to photograph and it is important to us that you base your decision on a hands on evaluation. Please come see the animal in person instead of asking for and relying on pictures or video.

  • All rabbits have full pedigrees and with few exceptions are out of animals 100% produced by us (prefix has changed from "Flynn's" to "Schoenegge's" due to marriage). We rarely show locally and instead are focused on national level competition.


  • For reasons of safety and biosecurity, we maintain a closed rabbitry and meet all buyers in a neutral, public location in the Indianapolis, Indiana area (Greenwood) or at shows we are already attending as a judge or exhibitor. 

Anticipated Availability

We will have a very limited number of blacks available this spring -- potentially a black junior doe, black junior doe and the possibility of a proven (but younger) black senior doe. Please check back with us somtime mid-late March. 

2023 Nationals + Convention

Unfortunately, we have an unavoidable conflict the weekend of the National Tan Show this spring, but we are planning our breedings for the ARBA National Convention in October in Lousiville, Kentucky. 

Still interested in our animals? Click here to send us a message!

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