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Having raised Florida Whites during my 4-H years, I knew at some point I would want to get back into the breed. The club dynamic is warm and welcoming and the breed reminds me of my first love - New Zealand whites. At the 2014 ARBA Convention in Fort Worth, Texas I picked up two bred Florida White does from Donald Sheets and a buck from Amanda and Rob Wampner. 

While I have picked up a few additional animals here and there, the majority of my herd comes from Donald Sheets and Rob and Amanda Wampner. All three of these individuals are not just fantastic breeders, but good friends. I am thankful for their help in getting me back into this breed. My Florida herd is very small and Tans remain my main breed, but I am really enjoying the additional challenge these guys pose. As of now I show them very infrequently, which is why for now you will not see many references to them elsewhere on my website. 

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