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This year was an off Convention for us -- we were on vacation for the first part of the show, arriving into town the day before checkout on Tuesday. We only entered a few brood animals for transportation purposes (considering this, they actually did surprisingly well). Nevertheless, it was fun to catch up with people on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A big thank you to LeAnn McKinney for generously boarding the Tans for a period time while we moved and got the new brand rabbit housing situation ready. Words cannot express how thankful we are for her friendship -- she is truly family to both of us. We are also both thrilled to have the rabbits back.

The picture above is of me (Kelly) and Andrea with Monday -- LeAnn's cat and expert herdsman.

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

The ISRBA Convention in June 2021 was the first show I have attended as an exhibitor since the 2019 ARBA Convention and the first local show I have attended since 2017. During this break from showing I have been actively breeding and working on my herd. The show break was partially an opportunity to recalibrate, but also a necessity during the height of COVID.

On Sunday, I had BOB and BOS with a pair of black juniors. Flynn's Friday I'm in Love (black junior doe) was the unofficial runner up for Best 4 Class. She is pictured above next to Naragon/McKinney's Jiu Nutsu. Congratulations to Katie Boyce on her wins on Saturday.

As some may know, as I have recently moved and am building a new barn, the rabbits have temporarily been staying with LeAnn McKinney at her barn. LeAnn is an amazing friend both in and outside of rabbits. All the credit goes to her for conditioning my animals while they are with her. She has also went above and beyond in working with the juniors to help them gain table confidence. I am looking forward to the barn completion this month and the return of the rabbits to living with me full time soon. Sometime in 2022 we hope to get back to showing more normally.

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Thankfully I had a lot of success with fall/winter litters and in turn, I will have blacks and chocolates (bucks and does) available on a rolling basis beginning now. I will not have blues or lilacs available.

If you are interested, send me an email and let me know what you are looking for. Please note that I am located in the Indianapolis metro area and rabbits will need to be picked up locally.

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