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BOSV Black and 1st Place Black Junior Buck - Flynn's Slow Burn

5th Black Black Junior Buck - Flynn's Cruel Summer

2nd Place Black Junior Doe - Flynn's Daylight

Best Blue Junior and 1st Place Junior Doe - Flynn's Miss Americana

As exciting as it is to win a class, I am most proud of my junior doe placing. Daylight is one of my favorite rabbits and if you are going to lose a class, you want it to be to the Best of Breed winner. Big congrats to Dillon on his win.

As summer winds down and we head into fall, I have started to receive a lot of emails from people who are either post 4-H fairs, or looking to purchase animals at the ARBA Convention in Reno, Nevada. While I will be showing rabbits at Convention, due to the distance and logistical issues with travel, I am not taking rabbits to sell to the show. I will have a small number of animals available this fall, local pickup in central Indiana only. Please see the "availability" page in the navigation bar for more information. Best of luck to everyone attending Convention! Safe travels!

The first time I showed Tans at a Convention was as a youth breeder in 1999 in Louisville, Kentucky under Gene Johnston. I went with my grandfather, who made the rabbit hobby entirely possible for me as a kid. Judging the youth Tans at the 2018 ARBA Convention in Springfield, Massachusetts has truly been the highlight of my rabbit hobby. It is a moment I am sad my grandfather was not there to see as I know he would have been proud. Our youth kids nominate and vote on their judges, so I am enterally grateful to them for the opportunity. I hope they all know how seriously I took the responsibility, having been in their shoes before. I love this breed dearly. I am also very thankful to the Beveren folks. They were an amazing group to judge for. The love and enthusiasm they have for this hobby was infectious. The 2018 ARBA Convention was my first show in a year. Over the last year I have focused on making certain improvements in my herd and less on breeding for specific shows (and also just living life more — the world beyond rabbits). It was strange to go into this show focused on judging and not showing, but it ended up being my best Convention experience to date. As I look prospectively to 2019, I am hoping to get back into showing in the later part of the year. I will likely miss the National Tan Show again, but hope to make it to Convention in the fall. I am actively breeding and enjoying my animals. It is just that I am on a course at the moment that does not involve frequently showing. Keep in touch. I'm still here. Best, Kelly

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