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Well, 2020 is interesting...

This spring I had planned on going to local shows again. Aside from the ARBA Convention, I really have not shown rabbits for a few years. I needed the break to do other things -- travel, work, finish grad school and start new hobbies.

During my break from showing I was able to stay engaged with my close friends in the hobby. This time away from shows (and Facebook) really proved that they are real life friends and not friends merely because we share a mutual hobby. The time has also afforded me the opportunity to work on improving my herd without outside influences. As someone who feels there is always something new to learn from others, this was initially tough, but I feel it has been an opportunity for me to grow as a breeder in a new way. I am sure it goes without saying that given the COVID-19 situation, I have no plans to show rabbits for the foreseeable future. Things are tough right now. I am getting a lot of emails from folks who are confused - they want to be proactive in moving their herd forward, but they do not know what the next few days and weeks are going to look like. As of right now, we are social distancing in my household and accordingly, have no plans to offer animals for sale anytime soon. Once life gets back to normal, I am looking forward to seeing (and meeting) so many of you at shows. A few weeks ago I went to the Indiana State Convention to visit friends and while it was great to see old friends, I was also amazed by how many new breeders there were.

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