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About the Giveaway
As a youth, I benefited greatly from the generosity of other breeders. This contest was designed as a way to give to back. While I appreciate the importance of encouraging new people to raise Tans, this specific contest is geared towards current youth Tan breeders who are interested in adding additional animals to their herd. No herd is too small or too large to qualify (see additional requirements below).
About the Rabbits


The giveaway is for a breeding pair of Tans. A pair of blacks will be the default,  but I may be able to substitute one or two blues , lilacs or chocolates upon request. That being said, please enter the contest only if you will be happy with blacks. While the rabbits will be show quality my hope is that the recipient is more interested in breeding the pair to create his/her own winners. For that reason I will attempt to select either older juniors or young seniors so that the winner can get started breeding them right away. The rabbits will be specifically selected to compliment each another for breeding purposes.


Selection Process


I have asked three breeders (who will remain anonymous) to review the entries and make a selection. I will remove all identifying information from the submissions before giving entries to the selection committee. I will not be involved in the selection process.





  • You must be 18 or under

  • You must be a member in good standing of the ARBA

  • You must be actively engaged in raising and showing Tan rabbits currently

  • You cannot have previously won this contest

  • You must be able to pick up the rabbits at the 2017 ARBA National Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana or have transportation arranged


Please include the following information with your entry:

  • Your name/address/phone number (required)

  • Copy of your ARBA membership card (required)


Please answer the following questions:

  • How did you get started in Tans and how long have you raised them?

  • What are your most and least favorite things about the breed?

  • How do you promote Tans in your area?

  • What are the current strengths and weaknesses of your Tan herd? 

  • List rabbit club (national/state/local) involvement

  • Anything else you feel we should know


All answers should be sent as a word document attachment and emailed to on or before August 31st at midnight EST. Thank you and best of luck!

Parents: Feel free to share this contest with your kids, but please let them handle the entry on their own. It is obvious when the answers are written by a parent. Genuine responses are more important than perfectly polished responses.

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