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Judging Availability


In the fall of 2011 Kelly took her judge's examination at the ARBA National Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. Shr passed on her first attempt. She completed the requirements for licensure by February 2012 and became ARBA licensed #920. Since that time Kelly has had the opportunity to judge throughout the country, including breed Nationals and the ARBA Convention.


While Tans and New Zealands have been her main breeds, Kelly has also raised Florida Whites, Silver Martens, Havanas, Jersey Woolies, Dutch, Netherland Dwarfs, Britannia Petites and Mini Satins.


Kelly lives in central Indiana. She is available to judge shows anywhere in the United States and abroad. If flying is necessary, she flies out of Indianapolis International Airport (IND) on Delta Airlines. If you are interested in discussing the possibility of Kelly judging your show, please contact her at:

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